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golf cart accidents:

It may seem silly to imagine litigation arising out of a golf cart accident. However, in The Villages and in many other retirement communities, golf carts coexist with motor vehicles, motorcyclists and pedestrians on the roadway on a daily basis. There is nothing funny about an unprotected occupant being ejected from a golf cart, striking the pavement, and suffering serious injuries simply because a negligent motorist failed to stop or yield.

The numbers speak for themselves. There are over ninety six thousand people living in and around The Villages, Florida. Almost every household in this area has at least one golf cart. In many of these households, a golf cart is the favorite mode of transportation. The sheer numbers of golf carts on the roadways in and around The Villages (an estimated 50,000) means that incidents happen all too frequently.

There are many types of these incidents where unprotected golf cart occupants suffer serious injury as a result of accidents with motor vehicles. Pedestrians and golf cart occupants can also be injured in these incidents. Many of these golf carts lack safety features that we take for granted in our family automobiles, such as seat belts, air bags, and anti-lock brakes, which are designed to prevent injuries in accidents. If you own a golf cart, we encourage you to have seat belts installed in it by a professional.

Under Florida law, a golf cart is a dangerous instrumentality, just like an automobile, and the owner of the golf cart can be held responsible when he or she entrusts it to someone who negligently operates it. Other insurance may be applicable to golf cart incidents, depending on the policy language, including homeowner's insurance, automobile policies, recreation vehicle policies or other policies specifically covering golf carts.


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If you or a loved one has suffered injury in a golf cart accident or crash, please contact us for a free golf cart accident consultation regarding your legal rights. We have experience litigating and trying cases regarding golf cart crashes and accidents, and we can help.

Golf Cart Safety

As part of our commitment to safety, we have identified as issue that is close to home. Through the years, we have represented many families who have suffered significant injuries arising out of the use of golf carts. Therefore, we have identified golf cart safety as an area where we can help make a positive impact.

To address golf cart safety, we created a website dedicated to that issue.

Click here for This website provides free
information relevant to Golf Cart Safety.

Additionally, we drafted an article on insuring your golf cart that is available for free.

Click here for a copy of "Insuring Your Golf Cart", which explains
the interplay of golf carts and Florida's Motor Vehicle Insurance laws.

You may also e-mail us at: - for a free copy of this article.

Finally, we are available to speak on the issue of Golf Cart Safety. If your club needs a speaker on this issue, please contact me at or call me at 352-205-7599 to arrange a date. Together, we can make a golf cart safer.

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