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Florida Brain Injury Attorney:

It is estimated that over one quarter of a million (>250,000) people in the United States experience a moderate or severe traumatic brain injury each year. Many of these injuries arise from motor vehicle, pedestrian or cycling incidents or other trauma related-incidents such as falls.

Traumatic brain injuries may vary in degree from mild to very serious. There are several indicators of traumatic brain injury, including loss of consciousness; confusion or lack of orientation as to time, date or place; and memory loss or amnesia regarding the events giving rise to the head injury.*The Anatomy of A Head Injury, Eric A. Roy, Ph.D..

Many symptoms can stem from a mild traumatic brain injury including any period of loss of consciousness or altered mental state, seizures, headaches, dizziness, vision problems including double vision or blurred vision, and trouble with memory, concentration or attention, problems with coordination; and other problems.*Traumatic Brain Injury, National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS) & National Institutes of Health, by Marcia Vital, September, 2002. This list is not exhaustive and proper medical care should always be sought immediately with respect to any head injury.

Other factors that may indicate a severe traumatic brain injury include: loss of consciousness for a significant period (up to and over one day); periods of post-traumatic amnesia lasting greater than twenty-four (24) hours; continued vomiting or nausea; seizures; a low Glasgow Coma Scale (Glasgow Coma Scale tests the ability of a person to open their eyes, speak and move and is a widely used indicator of brain injury.); and/or hematoma/hemorrhage (bleeding into and around the brain). This list is certainly not exhaustive and proper medical attention should always be sought immediately upon any symptom of head injury, even mild head injury.

Lasting effects of traumatic brain injury can be:
  • Cognitive (problems with memory, attention, concentration, reasoning, judgment, and/or thinking).
  • Physical (tremors, seizures, coordination problems, headaches, dizziness and/or vertigo)
  • Sensory problems (smell, taste, hearing, sight, and/or touch)
  • Behavior (agitation, anxiety, depression, aggression, irritability and/or communication, including problems communicating or translating thoughts into words or Aphasia).

Traumatic brain injury can be very difficult to understand to persons outside the family unit because it is not readily evident. A brain injury is not like a broken arm, which can be treated with a cast and sling and is readily evident. Any traumatic brain injury can seriously impact family relationships, resulting in spouses and loved ones becoming more and more involved in supporting activities of daily living and as care-givers in the most severe cases.

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